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9 Rules to Maximise your Retirement Income

Financial advice from IFA Hannah Goldsmith

The financial decisions you have made in the past have brought you to this point; any investment decisions you make now will inevitably affect your future and, in this free eBook, Independent Financial Advisor Hannah Goldsmith provides an in-depth insight into the financial services industry, using her 25+ years of experiences in the sector provide financial advice and to show you how to: 

  • Maximize your retirement 
  • Bolster your pension
  • And make the most of your future wealth

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My name is Marcus Cauchi. I run a Sandler Training franchise and met Hannah through golf (she beat me). I asked her for help to reduce our business tax burden and maximise our personal savings. Having been sold financial services badly in the past I was reticent to invest the time but Hannah was different. She asked excellent questions and listened for insight and understanding, uncovered some real problems that were costing our business tens of thousands and us personally many thousands annually as a family. She has helped us recover tax, plug gaps in our savings plans and protect the business in the event of either my wife or I falling sick or dying. She used what she learned to develop an effective lifestyle plan and what surprised me most was that she really understood us, our family situation and our ambitions, and communicated what we needed in a way that was non-technical and instantly understandable to someone like me who has a low boredom threshold and limited appetite to discuss financial matters. If you want an honest, no pressure financial advisor who doesn’t sell you anything you don’t need, who tailors her advice to meet your lifestyle choices and serves your best interests then give Hannah a call.

Marcus Cauchi, Sandler Business Consultant- Reading