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9 Rules to Maximise your Retirement Income

Financial advice from IFA Hannah Goldsmith

The financial decisions you have made in the past have brought you to this point; any investment decisions you make now will inevitably affect your future and, in this free eBook, Independent Financial Advisor Hannah Goldsmith provides an in-depth insight into the financial services industry, using her 25+ years of experiences in the sector provide financial advice and to show you how to: 

  • Maximize your retirement 
  • Bolster your pension
  • And make the most of your future wealth

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The author of this book explains that most financial advisers and institutions do not operate in the best interests of the clients, but to maximise their own profits through exorbitant fees. The actual percentage charged may appear relatively low but compounded can knock tens of thousands off your final pension fund.

Along the way you are likely to be taking unnecessary risks through the lack of diversification of your portfolio. Fund managers in their efforts to meet market indexes and targets end up adding more costs to their clients through regular transaction charges.

The book provides a number of practical illustrations of the effects of fees, transaction charges and risks on investors. Definitely a read for all investors not just company Directors.

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