As specialists in wealth management, Goldsmith Invest provide investment management services to individual investors and Trustees; working to meet our client’s individual financial objectives with a high quality service.

We follow an evidence based investment philosophy, supported by robust studies over many decades by Nobel Prize winning laureates. Our portfolios are based on a Global Market Capitalisation basis, using a blend of active management buy and hold strategies and retail passive indexed funds.

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The financial decisions you make today will affect your future lifestyle. In this free eBook, renowned Independent Financial Advisor Hannah Goldsmith explores how you can retire faster by making a handful of careful investment decisions.

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The financial decisions you have made in the past have brought you to this point; any investment decisions you make now will affect your future. Learn how to maximise your retirement and bolster your pension with expert financial advisor Hannah Goldsmith’s 9 simple rules of investment.

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I had the opportunity of meeting with Hannah and heard first-hand how to Retire Faster. Her book does what it says, it gives ‘Practical Retirement Planning’ to help you retire faster. Hannah has brought the subject to life, make it meaningful and appropriate to all readers, writing must read for anyone interested in understanding how finances and financial planning could work for them.

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