Innovative wealth management services

As specialists in wealth management, Goldsmith Invest utilises technology and research from Nobel Prize winning academics to create low cost global portfolios. 

By adopting this approach, we are able to significantly reduce our fees below industry standard rates; passing those savings onto you. 

With less financial industry fees to pay, you’re left with more funds to invest which, when compounded over time, can lead to greater returns.

Personal wealth management

At Goldsmith Invest, we believe in managing your money in a way that best suits your financial expectations, your needs and your lifestyle aspirations. That’s why we provide a personal one–to-one private wealth management service that responds to your unique needs. There is no one size fits all approach to the financial advice we provide you with.

Whatever your personal financial aspirations are, there is one prominent objective that unites investors the world over… and that is to achieve the greatest return on their investment, within the risk parameters they are prepared to take with their money.

Our lower than average industry fees leave you with more of your funds to invest.

I have relied on Hannah for financial advice and support for a number of years now, in what has been a very turbulent time in the financial markets. Goldsmith continue to look for innovation and always strive to take the administration pain away. In a world where people in the financial services industry believe that they are owed a very good living by the rest of us that are not in that world, their approach is down to earth and their focus on supporting their clients is most welcome.

Dr R Fisher