Applying Financial Science to Create Additional Wealth masterclass

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Run by financial expert and owner of Goldsmith Financial Solutions Hannah Goldsmith, our latest masterclass ‘Applying Financial Science to Create Additional Wealth’ uncovers the most efficient approach to financial investment in order to achieve additional wealth.

Possibly the most financially rewarding lunch you’ll ever attend, this unmissable masterclass is Informed by decades of empirical research from Nobel Prize winning economists; research that Goldsmith Financial Solutions has used to create real world investment solutions, whilst consistently pushing the frontiers of financial innovation.

Come and join the financial investment experts at Goldsmith Financial Solutions for lunch, and discover the #1 reason why your wealth will not grow as well as you expect.

During this masterclass, we will consider:
1. Do you know exactly how much you are paying in Financial Services Industry fees and charges for each of your investments?
2. Are you aware of the monetary negative compound effect this is having on your investment portfolio and therefore your future wealth?
3. Has your Financial Adviser spoken to you and explained how you can reduce industry fees and charges and how those savings can be redirected back into your existing investments? If not…
4. Do you know how much your loyalty is costing you?

Hannah Goldsmith, also the author of the highly acclaimed ‘Retire Faster’, will provide you with solutions on how to boost your investments, ISA savings and pension pot.

Hannah Goldsmith is regarded as one of the most trusted voices in the financial services arena. Hannah has been invited to be an Ambassador of the Transparency Task Force; a Collaborative Campaigning Community who are all dedicated to driving up levels of transparency in the Financial Services Industry and in regular discussion with the Financial Conduct Authority, National Media and Parliament. Hannah will share her pioneering views on the financial services industry and her commitment to transforming the lives of UK investors with her philosophy on low fee investing.

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Hannah is simply the best Wealth Management and Financial Consultant I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She listened to my current position and gave superb advice, which I have begin to implement immediately.

Expert, creative, high integrity… highly recommended.

Christopher Lomas