I am at a stage in life where i have had the dubious pleasure of being charmed by various small and very large, professional institutions. Most were average at best, the fees seemed reasonable until I learned some of the tricks Hannah so clearly outlines in her book. I have filled too many pockets based on perception and paid for reputations and fancy ties and talk. I never did badly but I know I paid more than I should for the privilege.

When you are ready to think about or reconsider future finances this book is worth the read. It’s no nonsense, based on years of experience and having met Hannah I see the passion she has for telling it as it is and frankly exposing some of the awful non customer focus of the finance sector, appalling really. I have suggested a number of my business contacts talked with her, they all decided to work with her and they all can see significant benefits.

In a Financial world of purposely generated complexity to confound us Hannah’s simplicity is refreshing.

Book Review