Goldsmith Invest ProAm Golf Day

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Ever wanted to play golf on TV just like the pros?

Goldsmith Invest is hosting an exclusive ‘invitation only’ golf day at the at Goring and Streatley Golf Club on June 28th.

Official  invitations will be sent to 16 lucky golfers who can bring along a business collegue as a playing partner, to complete their team.

The winning team will play on the Goldsmith ProAm team at the televised PGA EuroPro Tour on August 23rd at the Oxfordshire.

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16 teams of two people to play two ball better ball, one score to count, highest stableford score to win the prize.

During the round there will be the opportunity to get advice from  James (the G&S golf pro), play a trick shot under the guidance of Jeremy Dale trick shot legend (voted Villages golf entertainer of the year 2015) and beat the girlies drive (that’s Hannah). The event will be video’d by our film crew and everyone will be sent a copy of the day afterwards.

While the day is serious there will also be some fun elements and players can ‘Buy an Advantage’ (for a small donation) such as using the pro’s drive if required, paying a small penalty if a girl outdrives them (Hannah will be trying her bestist), buying Mulligans and 1 foot putt advantage card.  All will explained on the day but attendees can help by bringing a few £5 notes with them – just in case they need it.

The event is free, but all money raised will go to Goldsmith’s preferred charity ‘The Alzheimer’s Association’.

The Event Itinerary:

  • 12.30pm meet in bar for registration
  • 12.30 onwards drinks and networking
  • 2pm -3pm tee slots (you will be made aware of tee off times prior to arrival)
  • 7/7.30pm trick shot show by Jeremy Dale (Villages golf entertainer of the year 2015)
  • 7.30-8.30pm  Dinner (hearty grub … menu provided prior to day) and prize giving (plus special secret prizes that all can win)

For more details call 0118 963 7824

Cards on the table time. I have a strong dislike for British financial services companies. Ever since the Equitable Life debacle I’ve viewed them all with huge scepticism. Recent experience has proved that nothing much has changed and that the entire industry is a self-serving shambles. Fortunately my point of view is supported by the author of this book. My dilemma is this: How do I make plans for my retirement without having to resort to a large financial services company that’s going to screw me for every £ I want to put aside for a rainy day?

To my delight, this book appears to understand my predicament. Not only am I understood, I’m catered for. Marvellous. I’m used to financial and investment texts being dry, boring and full of caveats. None of that appears in this book. It speaks in a language I can understand and it deals with things from my perspective. It seems to help that the author is almost as anti the financial establishment as I am.

As I skimmed through the book initially I found myself stopping for the little exercises – actually completing them – and then quietly realising that I had learned something not just new but extremely useful. I don’t think you can expect to get all the answers in a book of this size, but it certainly gives me the confidence and a basic understanding to take some steps towards getting this important life skill right.

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