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Goldsmith Invest manage industry costs by using technology and utilising research from Nobel Prize winning academics, to create low cost global portfolios and pass these savings back to you the investor. We like to use the analogy that the traditional approach to investing is like soap on a rope.  The more times your money gets touched by the industry (each taking a small, apparently insignificant cut), the smaller your portfolio gets, which over time reduces the compound interest effect.

Low fee investing does not mean reduced investment returns, just as high fees do not guarantee higher returns. In fact Nobel Prize academic evidence, clearly suggests that low fee portfolios have a higher probability of outperforming high fee portfolios over a 10, 15 and 20 year investment period.

Would investors still want to leave their capital in these supposedly safe hands?

Watch the video to see how much fees impact your future wealth….it’s worth watching, we promise. It will be the most financially productive 1 minute you have ever had.

As an investor, you may be unaware that since the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) came into force in 2012, the investment world has changed for the better, becoming more transparent and easier to understand. So as cultures and economies have changed over this period, more importantly to the investor, so has technology.

These changes, have allowed an investor access to global risk managed portfolios at a fraction of the cost of the expensive traditional investment approach, which is still widely recommended by a lot of Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers in the industry today.

So if new technologies have allowed access to global markets at a fraction of the cost of the traditional financial services industry, why would investors want to continue paying those hefty traditional fees…..unless of course they are not aware they have an option? These traditional wealth managers are not going to tell you that you could be more financially efficient at their expense …. why would they?

However, what if we look at the scenario from another perspective. Let’s look at a scenario where the investor (who takes all the capital risk) could keep more of the profits generated by the industry for themselves, rather than give the profits away to the corporates.

What would happen if investors suddenly realised they could still get the same return on their money, still have the same consumer protection and still have the backing of Global Institutional companies, but pay less financial service industry fees for that comparable service?

Our low fee proposition and globally diversified models take this approach and we have consistently added value to investors’ portfolios. The following performance graphs are from a sample of investors’ portfolios who have requested our complimentary SOS reports. As you will see… higher fees do not mean higher returns.

SOS Portfolio Analysis: Hargreaves Lansdown Client vs Goldsmith Invest’s Portfolio

Hargreaves Lansdown ISA Moderate Risk Portfolio, Returned £29,870.

GI 3 Moderate Risk Portfolio, Returned £39,780.

Source: Morningstar- 27/11/18

SOS Portfolio Analysis: Lloyds Bank Client vs Goldsmith Invest’s Portfolio

Lloyds Unit Trust Moderate Risk Portfolio, Returned £2.54m.
Lloyds Investment Bond Moderate Risk Portfolio, Returned £2.47m.

GI 3 Moderate Risk Portfolio, Returned £3.07m.

Source: Morningstar- 27/11/18

SOS Portfolio Analysis: Coutts Client vs Goldsmith Invest’s Portfolio

Coutts Adventurous Risk Portfolio, Returned £440,140.

GFS Global Sustainability Adventurous Risk Portfolio, Returned £555,840.

Source: Morningstar- 27/11/18

SOS Portfolio Analysis: SJP Client vs Goldsmith Invest’s Portfolio

SJP Pension- Moderately Adventurous Risk, Returned £586,490.

GI 4 Moderately Adventurous Risk, Returned £690,044.

Source: Morningstar- 27/11/18

Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance.

Future performance is not guaranteed and investors could get back less than they invest. Your decision to amend your stock holdings should not be based on past performance data alone.

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